About me

Hi, it’s me, Marcus Beranek (aka. “Bera”, “kenareb” or “MBE”) 🙂

Marcus Beranek

I’m a software engineer and architect. I love to talk about software development and to discuss concepts and architectures.

My main technical focus is placed on Microsoft technologies. I worked with the .NET framework from the very beginning and I like Azure DevOps and Git. More than in the technical aspects of programming, I’m highly interested in software architecture and also in patterns. I like SOA and microservices.

I’ve worked in small and big teams from 2 to 12 people. I like agile and lean methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Crystal.

Apart from being a developer and architect, I enjoy running and cycling once a week. I also like playing volleyball and watching football. My favorite team is F95 Fortuna DĂĽsseldorf, a football club from my hometown.

I also like playing around with the newest gadgets and technologies. In the past, I also wrote some articles for the magazine “freeX“. Unfortunately this magazine has ceased a few years ago.

In my free time I’m working on some open source projects. You can take a look at them on my github repository.